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123Grandprix GT Office Chair Red

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This luxury ergonomic office chair is available in 3 different colors leatherette upholstery. The armrest is provided with a real shock absorber with on the armrests the tread of a tire . The seat is adjustable in every possible way , including an aluminum shift knob . The chassis has been designed as a racing suspension with brake disc and calliper. The five wheels have the appearance of 22-inch racing wheels . The chair can provide with your own logo !

€399.00 excl. VAT
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Product details

Size of the chair: 59cm x 61cm x 127 cm - 137cm (B x D x H, low-high)
Dimensions comfortable seating: 40 cm x 48cm ( B x D)
Seat adjustable in height: between 46 and 56 cm
Section of high-quality aluminum base: 66cm
Chair will be shipped in two packages: one package size : 135cm x 61cm x 31cm (B x H x D) package size 2 : 71cm x 71cm x 26cm (B x H x D)
Weight of the chair: 29,5 kg kg
Weight Capacity: 181 kg
Warranty: 2 year

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